The Ethics of Belief Response

Blog Prompt 4: Reconstruct one of his arguments (not the ship captain example) in standard form. Then evaluate that argument for soundness and validity. What practical significance does Clifford’s thesis have? Do you see any fallacies in Clifford’s reasoning?   p1: The agitators believed atrocious rumors, overlooking hard evidence and retaliating by accusing the religion. … Continue reading The Ethics of Belief Response


Aristotle’s Poetics Comparison (Rachmaninoff P.C.#2)

Rachmaninoff's piano concerto #2 is one of my favorites because of the emotional conveyance through layers of intertwined melodies. Here is my imagery from the piece. It's Begins with a robust character, a Sinbad-like pirate captain sailing for foreign shores to rescue his lover. As the violins of dramatic melancholy flow in, he is thinking of his … Continue reading Aristotle’s Poetics Comparison (Rachmaninoff P.C.#2)

ExistenZ comparison to Platos Theory of Forms

I doubt anyone will get through all this prattling, but here goes. ---------------------------------------------------------- Blog Prompt 8 (Due Sept. 30): How does Existenz, the film, fit into Plato’s hierarchical scheme of reality? How does the game, Trancendenz fit? ---------------------------------------------------------- ExistenZ was a mind-bending adventure taking place in several perceived realities. I feel that ExistenZ relates to Plato's Theory of … Continue reading ExistenZ comparison to Platos Theory of Forms

Philosophy 300 Response to- “The Will To Believe” (Excerpts)

Blog Prompt 5: Explain the characteristics of a belief that is live, forced, and momentous. Does this belief avoid Clifford’s arguments for evidence? First off, I want to start this entry by saying that I had great difficulty picking a belief that is living, forced, and momentous (other than religion) because all the beliefs I came … Continue reading Philosophy 300 Response to- “The Will To Believe” (Excerpts)

Philosophy 300- Week 3 Post

Valid Argument-False Conclusion: Cats give you cookies, Phil has a cat, Phil has cookies. Valid Argument-True Conclusion: Dragons eat sheep, Smaug is a Dragon, Smaug eats sheep. Sound Argument: Plants eat sunlight, Pine trees are plants, Pine trees eat sunlight. Inductive Argument: I got sick on a cruise, I ate seafood on a cruise, the seafood on the cruise … Continue reading Philosophy 300- Week 3 Post

Life can surprise you…

So I was just going to my regularly frequented coffee shop (weatherstone) to do homework and finish another daily grind, and when I walked in my barista friends had a cup of coffee with a phone number written on the jacket prepaid by a cutie that I met last week. I had told her that … Continue reading Life can surprise you…